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When you attend an important event, the correct choice of your wardrobe is even more important than usual. In addition to making you feel comfortable, calm and save, your styling will transmit a lot of you, projecting an impeccable, attractive, romantic, subtle, attractive, mysterious, dazzling image … or just the opposite.

Therefore, in this article we want to help you make this type of decision, taking into account what are the latest fashion trends in women’s party evening gown singapore and which sets are the most suitable according to your physiognomy.


Latest trends in party dresses

The long party evening gown singapore are one of the keys this season. It takes the sophistication, glamor and elegance that convey this type of sets, especially those that include a certain additional self-assurance. The prints, the surprising cuts and the juvenile approaches acquire a deep protagonism in the current celebrations.

In this sense, long skirts are one of the star products. They are fantastic when you want to take a refreshing long outfit. Thus, a two piece with creative blouse, blouse or top and a striking belt forms a differential look with which you will feel as beautiful as comfortable.

In fact, long evening gown singapore are usually recommended for nighttime events and, this two-piece approach with long skirt, for daytime. Although the exceptions you decide.

They are also trend silk shirts with collar and, take note, bare backs. These back necklines are elegant and sensual, while the floral motifs, the youthful tones and the contrasts of flat top and bottom print are becoming more prevalent.

Now, if you’re looking to dazzle with sophistication and elegance, black is still a sure bet, as are the long strapless party evening gown singapore and the always wonderful empire-cut costumes.


Get dressed according to your body

We list some tips that will help you to look better when choosing your party dresses:


– If you have the body in the form of a grape or apple, the straight dresses help you to conceal the width of your waist, so you will feel more favored and quiet


– If you want to look more breast than you have, the evening gown singapore with cut yoke (they start just above the chest) are the ideal option.


– The empire dresses are extremely flattering if you want to enhance the chest, look more height or disguise your hip or your waist wide. Its lines stylize a lot and give a careful and elegant appearance of modern princess. In addition, dresses with high waist cut-similar to the previous ones, but with the cut that falls almost to the waist-are another useful alternative to camouflage a wide waist.


– Now, if what you intend is to take advantage of the thinness of your body to show you voluptuous, the tight tube dresses will enhance as very few your corporality, conferring an air of stimulating sensuality.


– Women whose problem is that they have long legs and a small torso, find in vintage low-waist dresses the best choice to hide it.


– If your problem is that you have little chest, the blouse dresses will be your salvation. In addition, they also disguise the wide waists, because they confer the optical sensation of showing a silhouette with more shapes.


– If you want to look a little lower than you are, asymmetrical dresses are ideal to achieve this goal.


– Also, if your purpose is to lengthen your legs visually, while you’re-conceal the width of your hips, the flared designs are fantastic.


– And, as a final advice, always consider tunic dresses as an option, which fit very well in any feminine physiognomy.


Remember that if you feel comfortable with your party dress you will look fantastic. Never betray your personal style!



It is a well known fact that if you are furnishing a home in prime areas like  apartments in Leblon , look to put fresh sola flower centerpiece in each room. This is because perfume, mixed with the beauty of the rooms, encourages people to remain in the environment.

However, even if flowers are essential to any home, would you know exactly where they should be placed and what types are ideal for each room in the home?

Follow the post and check out some tips to make any type of residence more beautiful, elegant and inviting with floral decorations.


Why flowers are a great choice for decorating a home?

Apartment owners in Itapema, a municipality in Santa Catarina, simply love to use feng shui in their homes, and no wonder, have you? The Chinese decoration technique is able to create harmonious, healthy and prosperous environments.

And, according to this ancient technique, fresh sola flower centerpiece bring good luck, especially when placed in high energy areas. In addition, the flowers bring a touch of natural warmth and a sense of friendship to the spaces.

For those who do not believe in feng shui, it has also been scientifically proven that the fresh sola flower centerpiece around the house can, rather, end the mood and keep you more cheerful.

Best of all is that you do not need to be an expert in floral arrangements. Even with the most basic skills, you can put some flowers in a pot and display them in some corner of your house.

However, finding the right place to put them requires a little more knowledge. Want to see?

In what types of environments of a residence is the use of sola flower centerpiece in decor appropriate?


Front door

The first thing people see when they arrive at your house is the front door. So put a beautiful wreath on it so your guests have a warm welcome.



To make the space look even more welcoming, use seasonal flowers, think of warm flower arrangements like orange, yellow and pink.



If you have an island in the kitchen, then why not show a beautiful bouquet of gladiolus or lilies? To make the environment cozier, add other flowers to brighten the shelves and counter tops.

Cacti and succulents, for example, are equally ideal for this environment because they are very resistant to hot and humid conditions, ideas for  apartments in Tijuca.


Living room

Tulips are a great choice for the living room because they are elegant and beautiful. Try to put them together in a glass vase to show off to your visitors. Everyone will love it!


Dining room

Dining tables can look bare without a centerpiece, which is why they become the ideal and most common place for people to display flower pots. It is only good to be careful to keep the size of the pots in proportion to your table.



Lavender is a good choice for this room, since its perfume is considered as a soothing and therefore ideal to help you sleep well.



Bathrooms should not be overlooked when it comes to fresh flowers. Scented specimens, such as freesia, lilies and lavender, are a great way to add a sweet-smelling, natural fragrance to this space in your home.


What can do harm to flowers?

Avoid direct sunlight. The sun can damage delicate and soft petals, and although the garden even benefits from a certain amount of sunlight, the same does not occur with flowers already taken from the earth and placed in an arrangement;

Do not let the flowers touch the window glass. Cold window glass can damage petals as much as direct sunlight;

Heaters, fireplaces and air conditioners are not suitable for plants, which should be kept away from them;

To last longer, plants always need to be kept at moderate temperatures;

If you have pets, it is good to take extra special care;



There are celebrations as important in life, as is the day of our wedding, where every detail is important. And is that in addition to paying attention to the dress and shoes, the choice of bridal bouquet is essential to achieve the perfect look. The point is that when it comes to choosing it, we can often feel completely lost. Is a large or small bouquet better? Do I place bouquet flowers or bouquet type? Will a more casual bouquet with a romantic touch or a classic and sophisticated bouquet be better?

The truth is that, like the rest of the accessories we will take that day, the bridal bouquet is not something that we can choose in isolation, but taking into account other details such as the color and style of the dress and accessories that let’s carry In recent years, for example, they have become very fashionable crowns of sola flower bouquet and if you decide to wear one, obviously must combine perfectly with the bouquet.

In any case, there are many ways to compose a bridal bouquet. Everything depends on our preferences and the colors and flowers that we like. But also of the temporality, the texture and the forms that we look for. If we do not have it very clear, we can always opt for something more classic and go over-insurance, but it will also attract less attention. In addition, ideally, your bridal bouquet reflects your personality and encloses some meaning that is special to you through the sola flower bouquet and colors chosen. For example, when Kate Middleton was married she included in her bouquet a composition of carnations, specifically a flower variant in English that is known as Sweet William (“Dulce Guillermo”), lilies as a symbol of happiness, hyacinths to represent love and myrtle in the tradition of the British Royal Family since 1845.

As you can see, the variants are practically endless. But if you are going to get married in a short time and you still do not know what kind of arrangement you will take, here are the trends in bridal bouquets, so you can be inspired.

  1. Bouquets in white

This is one of the most classic and traditional options, but the truth is that it never goes out of style. In addition, it always fits perfectly with the look of the bride, because the colors that predominate with white tones. With which, if you want to play it safe, bet on this classic. Although you can always give your personal touch, adding a touch of color or a unique detail that has a special meaning for you. For example, you can combine white flowers of different sizes and decorate them with some green leaf and twigs.

  1. Bouquet of flowers in one color but with different shades

If there is a color that you like a lot or that goes very well with the look you have chosen for the big day, you can include it in your bridal bouquets. In this way, you will break with the white color of the dress and you will give the set a more cheerful and original touch. Of course, choose different shades so that it is not a classic bouquet. We advise you to check the style and decoration of the celebration and the dress before choosing it. In this way, you will find it much easier to choose the color and flowers that you like the most, but varying in the tones, combining some more intense with others more subdued.

  1. Small flowers

A very original option for which many brides are now betting and which contrasts with the large and voluminous bouquets that we have been seeing over the last few years are the bouquets of small flowers. There is a great variety of small flowers among which you can choose as lavender, chamomile or lilies of the valley. In this way, it is possible to create a bouquet of the size you want, but with tiny tiny flowers in greater quantity. Which, in addition to very beautiful will be very original.

  1. Jewelry

Another trend that is being seen much in bridal bouquets in 2016 is to include small pieces of rhinestones to give greater elegance to the bouquet. Of course, it is important that if you want to add jewelry to your bouquet, do not overdo it. Otherwise it will be extravagant and vulgar. In addition, if possible, try to be similar to some of the ones you wear on your dress or in the accessories so that the whole is as harmonious as possible.

  1. One single flower

In the same way that there are brides who choose bouquets composed of small flowers, others go to the other extreme. Many choose to carry in their bouquet a single flower as a protagonist. A very simple and minimalist bouquet that is perfect for those brides who want to escape the ostentation and the classic. You can accompany this unique and solitary flower with leaves and twigs to give it a little packing, but remember that with it what you are looking for is simplicity, so it is not recommended that you overdo the ornaments. The important thing is that this flower you have chosen is the only protagonist.


How Can I Make The Right Choice in Evening Dresses

If it is that the time in which you need to dress the kind of dress for a special evening, things might be confusing if you happen to choose a closet full of clothes. Staring at a closet full of clothes and not knowing what exactly to pick up from the evening event is a very common syndrome, which almost all of the time attacks us from time. In our efforts to deal with this kind of attack, we need to know what to choose and how. Evening dresses are of many types for both men and women. Also to mention the fact that in the evening an invitation or outing can be to different places and for different occasions. Therefore, selecting the right Evening Dress Singapore for the right occasion is something that needs to be done carefully and with great care. The fact that you have to dress differently for different occasions goes beyond what to say.

If you happen to be wearing a casual outfit to work on that day, make sure you have the formal outfit for your formal evening party. Evening dresses should be chosen in such a way, so that they make you go well with the theme of the party or the occasion, rather than making you stand out in the wrong way! If it is a cocktail party, then selecting evening dress singapore for a cocktail party can easily be done. Bring your printed a-line dress and rock the cocktail party! An elegant ensemble for an evening party is what is desired of you.

A rich waist dress made of silk or satin would be a perfect evening dress. This kind of a dress can be tied to a silk or velvet shoulder wrap to give you the ultimate party look. If you are selecting evening dress singapore for a meeting after work that is casual, then you have several options to choose from. Go for a wool skirt with a built-in top. This can be perfectly combined with a few flats and you will all be set to be the center of attention of this party! Regardless of the type of evening dresses you choose, make sure that you consider the season too. For obvious reasons, you certainly would not want to be seen sporting a woolen skirt during a summer party!

For summer and spring parties, sporty knitwear of fine gauge, rayon, silk and satin would simply be the perfect thing to do. For winters, on the other hand, wool blends and wool would certainly be the most suitable types of sports! Finding the right color that suits your skin color, hair color and the like is important when you are going for evening dresses. These dresses should be in harmony with your body type as well, so that you do not feel uncomfortable in them. Taking into account the fabric while selecting your evening dress is very important to you. Make sure you are in for such a substance that you do not hide as well areas, and accentuates your good areas. In case you are not entirely sure about the type of event that you are supposed to attend, go for the traditional colors.

Now you should be aware enough that getting perfect evening dresses for different occasions is not at all a huge job. It is just about taking little care and your desire to look the most beautiful will be met in no time.



White, ivory, champagne, pastel, tulle, lace, organza, satin, strapless, with sleeves, a halter, sweetheart … Even though you are still clueless at the moment, the perfect Wedding Dress Rental is closer than you think. To help you with the shopping adventure for the perfect wedding dress rental, we have already listed the 10 best tips for you.

1) Prepare yourself well. Cut and tear pictures of dresses or parts of dresses that you like. If you are well prepared for the consultant, half the work has already been done.

2) Fitting wedding wedding dress rental takes a few hours. To be able to advise you well it is useful to first call us for an appointment.

3) The Weddings stylists have a lot of experience and see what you like nicely at a glance. Do not be afraid to be advised. Just put on a dress that you would not have chosen right away and be surprised.

4) Take the people whose opinion is really important to you. It makes no sense to go with ten friends. Ten people probably will never agree. You will discover that it gives much more peace and pleasure with a small group. You can always take your friends to a pass appointment, after you have chosen the wedding dress rental.

5) If you have long hair, take a clip with you to light your hair and wear a little makeup on your face. In this way it is much easier to get a picture of how you will look in the day.

6) Try to fit some accessories with the dress. This also helps you to get a good picture of the total picture of the day.

7) What the right dress is for you does not have to be the right dress for your mother and / or girlfriends. Stay close to yourself so that you go home with your dream dress and not that of your mother and / or girlfriends. Enjoy the fact that this whole day revolves around you!

8) If you want to lose weight order the wedding dress rental not too small. We can always take the dress for you, while explaining in most cases is not possible. Go for it for sure, we take care of the rest.

9) Always ask for a piece of cloth when purchasing a wedding dress rental. This way you can perfectly match his costume and shirt to your dress. A muscular white shirt and an ivory-colored dress are not beautiful together, so it is better to match this as well as possible.

10) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Stress will always be present during the preparations for a wedding. Just try to enjoy all the beautiful moments as much as possible, because before you know it, it’s over!




Choosing the bridal bouquet is an important decision, but it is also important to define the style that we will give each space of the celebration, whether in the church, the place of the civil ceremony, the space where the event will take place … and it is It is advisable to take into account the advice of a professional in decoration as far as flowers are concerned.

Flowers play a fundamental role in any celebration, especially at a wedding. They bring joy, color and beauty, both to the decoration of the church, farm, place of celebration, car, etc., as well as to the look of the Wedding Florist, through the bouquet.

The ideal is always to opt for natural flowers, although dried flowers can also be used. Brides often turn a lot to choose, not only the bridal bouquet, but also in the floral style of the entire celebration, including color, location of reception centers, etc. At this point it is not necessary to be overly burdened, since the decorator or wedding planner that we hire, will be in charge of advising us efficiently based on our tastes and their experience.

Flowers such as roses, coves, tulips, gerberas, among others, are very popular in centerpieces and bouquets, as well as other extra floral arrangements.

Choose decoration and bouquet

The nature makes available a wide variety of flowers and colors, of which we select those that will assume greater prominence within the entire ceremony. At this point, we can base our decoration on a specific theme, from shades as subtle as pastel pink to the most vibrant such as red, fuchsia, orange … This is more a matter of taste, although the decoration of certain spaces, such as the church, requires a choice of much more sober tonalities. Here, it is important to always keep in mind the advice and experience of our Wedding Florist. It is not convenient to become obsessed with a particular type of flower, but it is more important to create harmony between the colors that make up the composition.

Table arrangements and floral corners

Another important point is the amount of arrangements we will need and what will be its volume. This will basically depend on factors such as the space available and the main centers of attention, added to the taste and budget of the couple. Therefore, when you visit your wedding florist or wedding planner, tell him how much money you can spend at the most important point in the organization. If necessary, you can take your wedding florist to see and know the place to decorate and the type of lighting that the space has, which will also be decisive in the chosen range.

If what you want is originality in the centerpieces, there are different options such as the combination of flowers with candles, fruits … which are totally spectacular.

For a youthful bride, flowers with spring airs, rounded shapes and soft drops, will sit perfectly, just like minimalist bouquets. As for colors, you can choose to create contrast. For those brides with a lot of personality, the variants of formal bouquets with worked drops are perfect. Warm colors can go very well.

As I said, the final decision of the type of bouquet will also depend on the style of the dress, color, texture and cut. The round bouquets can be combined with any type of dress and are highly recommended for those brides who wear short, informal or tailless designs. The branches with fall are ideal for the brides taller and for suits that carry tail. Minimalist bouquets can be a good option. In these, stems and greens that accompany flowers are very important. They are perfect for modern dresses.

The time of year in which the link will be held also influences. The seasons mark the color of nature and, obviously, the tone of the bridal bouquet and that of the flowers of the decoration.

During the spring, pastel flowers tend to be more abundant; in summer the colors are more vivid; during autumn, chestnut and oranges predominate; and in the winter, reds, greens and intense whites stand out. There are also other types of flowers easy to get to create the best color combinations, and this the wedding florist knows, so it is important to trust him.

Another complement that we should not forget is the boutonniere of the groom and the godfather. These compositions tend to be in keeping with the bouquet of the bride and its main flower, and in compose with the style of the floral decoration of the place of the celebration.


How to Make a Bouquet Last Longer in the Vase

Her bouquet of flowers has just arrived, and with it come smiles and feelings of love and affection. But after admiring it, there is always the intention to prolong the beauty of the flowers, that is, there is the question of how to make the Custom Sola Wood Flower Bouquet last longer. Ever wondered?

In fact, cut flowers, usually the most used in arrangements, do not usually survive for a long time, but you can provide some care to prolong their lives. See what they are!

Actions for the bouquet last longer

In assembling a custom sola wood flower bouquet, to make it even more beautiful, elements such as ribbons, special paper to wrap it and embellishments are used. Although they can master their beautifying function, these items make the plant difficult to breathe. Therefore, the first thing to do to make the custom sola wood flower bouquet last longer is to remove everything that is enveloping the flowers.

After this procedure, place the stems under running water and make a diagonal cut of approximately two centimeters at the base. This sluice will be used so that the plants can absorb more water.

Use a special blend

To make the custom sola wood flower bouquet last longer, you can also use a mixture containing 95% water and 55% a solution obtained from half a lemon cut with two teaspoons of crystal sugar and the same amount of white vinegar. Every day, clean the vessel with soap and water and replace this mixture.

Beware of container

After doing the cleaning, the ideal is to put the custom sola wood flower bouquet in a wooden vase, but a plastic one will be able to solve the problem well. It is also important to note the size of the container as it needs to accommodate the flowers comfortably, following the example below.

Pure Romance

As for the amount of water, you should fill the container with about five inches, covering only the stem of the plants. Also, if by putting the flowers in the vase you notice that some leaf has been submerged, remove it immediately so as not to proliferate diseases.

Look out for external issues

Lastly, remember that direct contact with the sun all day, wind and especially air conditioning can greatly reduce the life of flowers. So, if you want to make your custom sola wood flower bouquet last longer, try leaving it in a well-ventilated place where it is half shaded.


Wedding Bride’s Bouquet

The bride’s bouquet is the most beloved and long-awaited wedding party accessory, both by the bride and by the unmarried guests themselves, who dream of choosing the perfect Sola Bridal Bouquet as well!

Such is the importance of the Bouquet that one of the liveliest moments of the wedding party is reserved only for him: When the bride throws it to her single friends, symbolizing that whoever picks it will be the next to be married. It’s fun for sure!

Thinking of externalizing this moment in a different way, some brides began to invent unusual games, such as locking the sola bridal bouquet in a padlocked box and having each guest choose a different key to try to open it. Whoever chooses the right key, wins the bouquet! Cool huh?

That is why the bride’s sola bridal bouquet needs to be thought with care and dedication, being careful to match the style of the wedding and the wedding dress itself, as the bouquet is an accessory that makes up the look.

Contrary to what many people imagine, the sola bridal bouquet and colors do not have to be the same as the wedding decoration, because they can pass on the image that it was made with “leftovers” from the party decoration flowers.

So, the right thing to do is to choose the ideal Bride’s Bouquet to make it match the bride’s look, that is: with the makeup, the shoe and the dress, so that the bride is the highlight during her big entry into marriage.

There are several factors that influence when choosing the perfect sola bridal bouquet for your wedding, even its height is important to choose the type of flower that needs to be chosen.

With that in mind, we will bring you the best tips so you do not miss out on choosing the perfect Bride Bouquet!

Wedding Bouquet for Day Wedding

It is also interesting to know that for every wedding style, there is an indication of flower. For example, at weddings in the countryside, which occur in the summer, brides can use lilies and flowers to warm and strong colors. All well and joyful and colorful.

Wedding Bouquet for Evening Wedding

For classic weddings in a large church, it is advisable to choose a more traditional format and discreet flowers, such as white or roses, combined with the green of the flowers. Even this type of flower is still considered the preference among traditional brides. If you are afraid to bet on a bolder bouquet, bet on the classic, which has no error. Know the main tendencies of sola bridal bouquet so you do not miss your choice!

Flowers for the Bride’s Bouquet

Each flower, from the simplest to the most expensive, has a different meaning. And their colors can vary and provide different feelings in the guests. It is important to know the meaning of each to choose the flower that most represents your feelings during the wedding ceremony, or what you want for the future of the couple’s life from now on.


Weddings in the summer ask for light-looking sola bridal bouquet. Include seasonal flowers and some green leaves. Winter calls for more flowers in the arrangement, giving the impression of warmth and delicacy.

Bride’s stature

Brides of lower stature are favored by bouquets with smaller, delicate flowers in compact arrangements. For the tallest brides, nothing prevents the ship from bringing in large flowers and longer stalks.

Skin tone

For brunettes, vivid colors often enhance the look, such as yellow. Light-skinned blondes can abuse pastel shades. For redheads, strong colors, like orange, usually highlight beauty and look.

Dress and shoes

Dress and embroidered shoes, with elaborate details, ask for a simpler ship, so as not to overload the look. If the dress is simpler, do the opposite and take time to create a sweeping bouquet, with touches of ribbons, accessories and colorful flowers. Classic dresses, with veil and tail, allow for sophisticated bouquets, cascading in appearance and lush flowers.

Taking all these tips into account, it is still crucial to choose a bridal bouquet that has everything to do with your personality. Be conservative or modern, what every bride wants is that the wedding is a magical occasion in your life and unforgettable for the guests.

Take time to think about your bouquet, as well as enhancing your look, it represents happiness, fertility and good luck in the life of the couple.


Evening Dress Singapore: Three Quarter Sleeve


Are you looking for night dresses with three-quarter sleeves? Well, then you have come to the right place. In Evening Dress Singapore, we want to show you some very good designs, where you can find many models of dresses for parties at night, with the peculiarity that they keep short sleeves. So, if you are looking for a different way to get dressed, you cannot miss all these tips that we will give you today. Without more than talking, we will leave you some tips for your purchase, in addition to offering you beautiful modern models, employees for different parties and celebrations at night, we go there.


Currently, in the market we can find thousands of designs in dresses for ladies, intended for all kinds of occasions and needs. So, if you were invited to a night party and you do not know what to wear, do not move from this article, because we will advise you for a good choice. In this same web, you can find other related articles, which will be of great interest, so you can go through them and discover all the secrets we have saved for you. Make yourself comfortable, because we already started.



Then, not only will we leave you some tips and information relevant to your future purchase, but we will present you the best collection of night dresses with three-quarter sleeves, you can use them for many occasions, depending on your tastes. Of course, to get a good model that is ideal for us, we must consider some points, such as the type of event we will attend, the time and place where it will take place, type of silhouette or body we have, skin color and annual season.


Once, we have analyzed the previous points, we can make an accurate choice of our attire, pay attention to the following modern models that are trend for this year. In this first photograph, we find a turquoise evening dress singapore. As you can, appreciate is a long cut model, like a tunic. In the upper part, we find a design created from fabrics with transparency. In addition, it has no low cut and maintains a very peculiar three-quarter sleeves.


we find a night dress in light blue, perfect for women with white skin. In addition, it is ideal for use in fall or winter seasons. Speaking about the characteristics of the dress, we can conclude that it is a design with three-quarter sleeves, U-neck and lace. On the other hand, it is long cut, which keeps a ribbon that surrounds the waist of the lady as an ornament. Being a formal attire, it can be combined with gathered hair and white or silver jewelry.


we find ourselves in front of a dress of small cut and in navy blue color. As you can see, this design is perfect for cocktail parties. Account, with a very small skirt which reaches the knees of the lady. It is found, cinched at the waist. Additionally, we can see a V-shaped low-cut with three-quarter sleeves. You have the possibility to combine it with a collected hairstyle, pronounced makeup and taco shoes.


we can clearly see a dress for night parties in neutral black. These tonality, are not recommended for very thin women, since they will only be seen with a small silhouette and we do not want this. On the other hand, the plumpest ladies can use it without problem.


These are some of the most famous evening dresses and orders currently, you can choose the one that best suits you. Good luck and see you in the next article, where you will find many more topics of interest.



Bridal Gown Singapore


The dress of the bride: a unique dress for each

Each bride is a world and for tastes, styles and their models. The brides 2018 come stomping and with a lot of personality, being authentic, original, modern, but at the same time sweet and romantic. Are you getting married next year? Well, take note of the trends of brides that have been presented in the 2018 collection.


The Bridal Gown Singapore you wear on your wedding day should be the one you choose, the one that speaks about you, the one that makes you feel comfortable and be yourself, but we want to explain what has been seen the most on the catwalks for this new season and get ideas to inspire you.


Types of wedding dresses according to your style

Because even if there are two identical dresses, two brides will never look the same. Because each one has a bearing, an innate style that will make a different dress look. From the start, you will always choose the one that you like because it will make you feel comfortable and because it adapts to your personality.

You’re in luck, the 2018 bride trends offer many options to choose from:

  •        Boho-chic aesthetic that remains fashionable, with bare shoulders, crochet fabrics and clear bohemian and vintage inspiration.
  •      Absolute sensuality in the forms with the renewed mermaid cut with infarct necklines, accentuated backs and exaggerated openings in the legs, both frontal and lateral.
  •        The bride with pants, a trend that comes from New York, for an extreme and incredibly feminine girlfriend. Many Spanish designers have dressed their girlfriends with pants this year. Pants in all its versions: baggy, slim, with overskirts …
  •        Dresses of straight lines, simple, betting on minimalism, creating stylized brides, simple but sophisticated and romantic at the same time.
  •        Silhouette bell, with dresses in midi court and references to the 50’s, wearing ankles and shoes, ideal if you plan to marry a short wedding dress.

In the details, the bride has a lot of cattle

They are those winks that project the dresses and that turn it into a garment with a soul. Sometimes you do not need big beads to get it. A complement of ‘remove and put’, a detail in a specific place, a certain type of pattern …

  •        It is becoming more fashionable and is that brides dare to go without a veil, so there is a garment that has returned with strength becoming the real protagonist: the cape.
  •        The ruffles, which provide movement and silhouettes with volume, are not only fashionable in everyday clothing, but have also come to Bridal Gown Singapore.
  •        Convertible dresses, to have two in one and change the look after the ceremony. The overskirts take center stage here.
  •        The “Bardot” or neckline of fallen shoulders reappears with great force.
  •        Sleeves in all versions: XL, medieval style, long bat, bulging and closed around the wrist, lace …
  •        The skirt “peek-a-boo” or skirt that becomes transparent at the height of the thighs or knees. Skirt that insinuates without teaching everything. The effect is that of a minidress to which a transparent skirt is added.
  •        The most daring brides are decided by necklines of vertigo that extol the chest.